Project | Lightway
Fight your way through hordes of zombies and scavenge materials for crafting. Make sure to keep your lantern going or you'll die in the dark.
Role: Sound Designer, Wwise Audio Implementer , Voice Over
Project | Pesky Climbers
In this game you are the mountain and you must keep the hikers from reaching the peak. Utilize different traps such as Rock Slides, Avalanches, and Crevices to stop them.
Role: Sound Designer, Audio Implementer , Foley
Project | Careful Couriers
You and your rival are the two newest employees of the Careful Couriers company. You both have the same goal of becoming the greatest courier in the world. Problem is only one of you can have that title, so this means war...
Role: Sound Designer, Audio Director, Wwise Audio Implementer
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